Moll Flanders | Pacific Repertory Theatre
Moll Flanders | Pacific Repertory Theatre

moll flanders

Incidents in the Wicked Life of Moll Flanders

A stage adaptation of Daniel Defoe’s novel
by Jennifer Le Blanc

Moll Flanders is a bawdy story of a poor damsel who surrenders her virtue again and again (and again) to get to the top of society. If you’re rich, she’s available!

Jennifer’s original works and staged adaptations are available on the New Play Exchange!

The script and production are a hit with audiences and reviewers alike – Barbara Rose Shuler writes for the Monterey Herald:

Penned by Bay Area actress and writer Jennifer Le Blanc and directed by PacRep’s gifted resident director Kenneth Kelleher, “Moll Flanders” earns thumbs up as an entertaining and well-crafted show. […]
Le Blanc has written a pure ensemble play, nimbly condensing DeFoe’s hectic plot into a couple of hours with engaging performances…
PacRep scores a hit with this original play — a lively period romp that makes a fine tonic for the November blues.

Moll Flanders was first produced for sold-out houses in Carmel, CA at Pacific Repertory Theatre.

(Note: Production is “Rated R for Ribald”!)